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Pure Argan Oil

Healthy Skin & Hair

Argan oil is commonly used as a moisturiser thanks to its high content of vitamin E. Additionally, this gold liquid can treat a large number of skin conditions due to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties it contains.  Examples of skin conditions that argan oil can treat are prevention and reduction of stretch marks, improvement of skin elasticity and protect from sun damage.

Argan oil is also full of fatty acids such as linoleic and omega-6 which can be very beneficial for your hair and scalp. It is all about taking care of the roots,  feeding your scalp will improve your hair overall quality. Argan oil have been proven to prevent hair loss, breakage and splitting, protect from chemicals and styling heat and restore hair shine. 

Nourish your soul

Essential oils becomes an everyday remedy and the key of the practice of aromatherapy. These oils come from various natural sources such as fruits, flowers, leaves, trees and herbs. There is a large variety of essential oils available, they smell amazing and have different benefits. They are used for different purpose such as stress reduction, massage, air freshener, improve breathing, treat pain and hair growth.

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Pure Argan Oil

Natural cold pressed Argan oil

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Gua Sha Stone

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This Is our Story

As a woman, I grew up in a very traditional family in Morocco. My grandfather and father were in the natural and organic olive oil business. I have always used and enjoyed high quality olive oil at home. As part of our family network, a friend used to make organic Argan oil for us by hand, in the old traditional way, for cosmetic applications

Natural Oils for Skin

One of the most beneficial facial workouts is face massage. When paired with the use of natural oil for facial massage, its effects are magnified. Natural oils are abundant in fatty acids and other necessary nutrients that nourish your skin while also functioning as a natural barrier against pollution and the weather.

They go deep into the skin, mending and replacing the skin cells on the surface, leaving you with soft, smooth, and attractive skin.

Furthermore, several natural oils are high in antioxidants and have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural oil for skin has gained popularity as people move away from processed skincare products with dozens of additives in favor of natural skincare products.

So, how do you maintain a peaceful, balanced, moisturised, and healthy complexion? Adding the best essential oils from MyOil for skin to your skin care routine might be the answer.