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As a woman, I grew up in a very traditional family in Morocco. My grandfather and father were in the natural and organic olive oil business. I have always used and enjoyed high quality olive oil at home. As part of our family network, a friend used to make organic Argan oil for us by hand, in the old traditional way, for cosmetic applications.

As a teenager, I was more conscious of my appearance and wanted to take care of my hair, skin and nails. So my mother shared with me some family recipes that soon became my daily routine. Most of the combinations and masks are based on Argan and Olive oils.

A few years later, I had to leave Morocco to study abroad. I tested various Argan oil based products from different brands, but nothing approached the quality of the natural Argan oil I was used to

Over the years, the idea of making my own product became a necessity to ensure a quality product. The main idea of MyOil is to provide high quality products and also to share my own experience with all the tips and tricks and oil combinations that have helped my family and me to improve and protect the quality of our skin and hair.

Why Argan Oil?

Can we have one product for hair, skin and nails care?

It took years for the Moroccan Argan oil to be the “Golden liquid” we are proud of. Thanks to all the women that worked hard to build the right expertise to produce high quality cosmetic Argan oil and spent hours learning how to protect the kernels nestled inside Argan nuts.

I can take two pages listing Argan oil benefits. This, answer the WHY question. Instead of spending hundreds of euros on a bunch of products in addition to all the time we spend looking for the right one. By using Argan oil you make the choice to go all natural and give your skin and hair the care it deserve.