Essential oil set


A set of 6 essential oils for daily usage.




Shop Essential Oils for Natural Hair Growth

An essential oil should always be diluted before usage.
Example of usage:
Bergamot: Promotes hair growth and helps to increase positive mood.
Sweet orange: Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Eucalyptus: Improves skin healing and fight inflammation.
Peppermint: Great to reduce headaches and muscle pain.
Tea tree: Can be used as a cleaner.
Rosemary: Can be used to reduce stress.

Pure Essential Oils to Use

Hair fall is the most complicated hair and scalp issue we witness in our life. Hair thinning and loss are generally stigmatized, negatively impacting our self-esteem and mental health. Even yet, it’s a lot more prevalent than we may think—by the time we reach our forties, most of us will have noticeable hair loss.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth

To anoint a few, hair loss can be caused by multifarious causes, including family history, hormones, age, medical diseases, follicle infections, and stress. Given the current circumstances around the globe, it’s no wonder that derms are seeing an increase in patients suffering from long-term stress-related hair concerns, so know that you’re not alone if you’ve seen excessive shedding or thinning in the few months.

While there is no adaptable solution for swiftly regrowing lost hair, pure essential oils for natural hair growth from MyOil can be the solution. Research has shown that pure essential oils for hair can help people reverse hair loss symptoms or enhance overall growth.